the world according to Jake...7/12 edition

while watching max and Ruby, I commented on Ruby's pretty purple dress (which was totally sarcasm...because purple is hideous) Jake looked down and furiously patted himself from head to toe in pseudo dismay; "Where is *my* purple dress??" I asked him if he'd like me to buy him a purple dress and with a wave of the hand and appropriate eyeroll said "No mommy, I'm not pretty enough!"

playing in the backyard, stomping bugs; "Mom, I totally (without a doubt his favorite adverb :p) GOT that bug!" "Yup Jake, you like bugs, huh?" "Yeah, I'm a great bugger..."

Truer words have never been spoken...

and ps, if you're going to rip a chainsaw sounding fart out of your trucker ass on the faux leather chair in the middle of a quiet IHOP while your trucker buddy defiles the IHOP bathroom for 15 minutes (entering said bathroom with the paper tucked securely under arm) expect that the 4 year old in the room will call you on it. Loudly.

pps, thanks for all the kind words about Bonita :)

ppps, I have some goodies to give away...stuff I bought that I just know I'll never use. And my simplified scrapping deems it necessary that I get rid of them. So, scrap a page or 15 using some old stuff. I know "old" is subjective so go through your stash and just use something you've had for awhile and post a link to it in the comment section on this post. One entry for every layout you do! I'll draw a winner before I go to CHA so you have a few days. Hop to it!

over and out.


  1. one of few regrets I have...not writing down the funny stuff Alex said in her early years. My next one will have a crap load of journals:)

    hmmm...old stuff huh. I haven't bought anything in a while so I guess I have some old stuff laying around:P

  2. ha ha ha ha
    I am laughing at your witty little dude
    and at the though of scrapping before CHA.
    both are equally funny.

  3. you never fail to make me laugh out loud. seriously. TOTALLY! while i agree with you that purple is disgusting, it is on jenna's top three favorite color list right now. pink and clear being the other two. yes, clear. i have THAT child. off to dig through my stash of old things. wonder if i can find a paperkin and give it a purple dress?

  4. Leah LaMontagne6:00 PM

    bwaaa haa haaa haa HAAAAAA! (pause to catch my breath...) bwaaa haaaa haa HAAAA!

  5. Kelley Popp12:11 AM

    That little Jake is a stitch! I am cracking up about the purple. Umm who has time to scrap before CHA. I don't have time to pack but know I have to get it done. Have a great time and lets scrap again soon!

  6. I think Jake and Connor should get together- they could be an act!

  7. oh too funny, e.
    they really do say the funniest things.
    love that photo.
    i so wish i was going to
    have a great time!

  8. melanie6:53 PM

    the ihop story is just too much.

    finished the bag on friday - will take photos! :)

  9. Here is a layout I just did with some old school daisy paper :)
    Love the quotes, boys are simply the best ;)

  10. ok, here is a real link, lol:

  11. ugh, never mind...just check it on my blog!

  12. what a funny little man you have! too cute. and i love your IHOP story, LMAO!

  13. Hi Erica ...
    I'm coming out of "lurkdom" to say hello and how tell you how much inspiration I gain from your work. I've loved your scrapbook style for a long time and love to see that you're now sharing in another passion of mine ... knitting. I'm about 1/3 of the way through one of the tank sweaters in the Spring Interweave Knits magazine. Great job on the Bonita!! I say show it off!!

    As for scrapbooking with my "old" supplies ... well as you said it's kinda relative, but I have had a burst of creative energy and have made several layouts from my monthly scrapbook kits that have been sitting for many months.

    I posted three of them on my blog:

    As well as this mini book (which I used a blank book that I bought FOREVER ago):
    So jealous of you going to CHA, have a wonderfully inspiring time!



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