because I like it random.

Look what Carlos got in the mail today...a special invitation and tickets to Donald J. Trump's conference next month. A special VIP invitation straight from the Don himself. Guess they need some seat fillers pretty badly, lol. I mean, I know we've been doing a great job of socking away some house dough and all but I seriously doubt we're next in line to become "America's next Billionaire Real Estate Guru" (that oughtta generate some google hits :p) Anybody want 'em...I think we're busy that day (although George...wouldn't mind meeting him!)

This boy has a major Mario complex lately. Carlos got the boys the Super Mario boxed set a few months ago and Jake has been obsessed ever since. He knows all of the words, he wants a Mario bedroom, and now, he wants to wear a mustache and a hat like Mario. He dances, sings, lives, breathes Mario. Do you guys remember the show? Mario is Captain Lou Albano people...of the famed WWF Albano's...Cindy Lauper's buddy Lou. It's star-studded. On the first disk alone there are cameos by Cindy herself, Nicole-someone-or other (from CHARLES IN CHARGE!), Winnie from the Wonder Years. These are major stars (heh.) So anyway, Jacob in full Mario mode right here. He's a star for sure.
This boy...need a haircut ('nuf said)
(but he also totally digs Mario)

both frames are from Katie Pertiet

Oh, and this is a cool deal too so check it out and think about applying! You could be a star ;-)

And this, because DUDE, what a cool little tool for scrapbookers!

And this 'cause it just looks fun :)

OK, anyway...so back to work! Later gators!


  1. Rachel2:04 AM

    those stache pics are the CUTEST thing ever. Seriously. you have one cool dude there :) Well, make that two cool dudes, cuz who could resist those eyes of Z?

  2. omg, i thought i had the only whackadoo kids obsessed w/ that show. bwhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


  3. I totally forgot there was a show. My kids are obsessed with gameboy/gamecube Mario, which is bad enough.
    Sounds like the star studded season of the next Dancing with the Stars!

  4. janet o.12:45 PM

    OMG!! I got the same invitations! Carlos and I are destined to be moguls, both of us! Go us!


  5. Maureen12:55 PM

    I've been thinking about getting my J the dvd's! He loves playing MarioKart on the ds! Cracks me up!

    Love these pics.....*how* the heck do you get such gorgeous catch lights in their brown eyes? Not that explaining it will help me ;) LOL!

  6. dude, those are the cutest pics of Jake:):) Random is always goo;D

    Love the camera with the built in printer...very cool. For those times when you need to scrap RIGHT at that moment!!

  7. love these photos of the boys...sigh...they are getting so big.
    i love the mario 'stache! too funny!
    hope you are well, my friend!

  8. Omg, those pictures are so cute!! Love the frames too.

  9. melanie11:11 PM

    Those Mario pics are TOOOOO cute!!!We are HUGE Mario fans here. :)

  10. Sure you don't want to go see the Donald? Jeremy & I got tickets too..we could make a night of it. Juuuust kidding.

    The boys are too cute, I miss them.

  11. Dude, The Donald invited Chris too...



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