43 things...

Have you seen this website? What a cool idea! I'll readily admit to having lofty goals and a really poor sense of follow through. Strangely enough, I really think that having goals listed on some random website will help hold me accountable to them. Right now, my list is pretty basic...the last goal I added was think bigger though because I am well aware that many of the goals I've included are things *normal* people do on a daily basis - no incentive required (what a concept!) I don't know how much I'll record my progress on the website but I have big plans for some fun scrapbook stuff to help keep me on track...so check out the site and let me know if I can cheer you on while you attempt to meet your own goals!

And to sign off...a funny picture of Carlos and my stepdad Scott...just because I swore I would include it on the www for everyone to see :)


  1. Ha. Dad. LOL.
    One of the things I want to do is...make sure you never take a ridiculous pic of me. Now I know where it will end up!

  2. That photo is too funny Erica! I checked out hat website for a minute. Will check into it longer tonight. Thanks for the link:)


  3. You know I'll help light a fire if you need it E!

  4. How funny is that picture...

    I definatly need to check out that site....need to get "Krista" in check.

  5. Erica - so glad I stumbled across your blog, yeh!!! will be stalking you now girlie. off to read about your life.......

  6. Cool site Erica!!

  7. just found your blog via link....

    checked out the 43 things site---pretty cool...off to look at it some more...



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