apparently, Jake thinks we need to have 2 more babies...

at least, that's what he said when I asked him about the two smallest beings in this family protrait he drew yesterday.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not gonna happen bud :p

Also, while poking at Carlos' belly button yesterday, he peered DEEP inside and said "it's DAHK in dere!"

I found it hilarious...Carlos, not so much :p Maybe you had to be there, lol.


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

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  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    dude, you so need to turn on the word verification feature. you're so cool you're acting as a magnet for all of the crazies out there!

    crack me up about jake's drawing! and you so need to do a layout about C's navel - that's an absolute riot!

  3. Anonymous7:52 AM

    You have a great blog here! Maybe you can use bellybutton lint in candlemaking!

    LOVE the artwork....and aw, come on. 2 more li'l Hernandez'ez would be fun!!!

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    roflmbo over the belly button! don't you *want* to have 2 more? maybe twins for Jake? ;)
    love his picture! J couldn't do that.....at least I don't think he could :P
    candlemaking.....every day something different ;) LOL!

  5. SNORT about the belly button!!!! And that drawing is so cute!!!

  6. Anonymous9:55 AM

    LOL about the belly button....

    and Jake's drawing is cracking me up, very cute though....

  7. Such a cute drawing....

    And...even though I wasn't there for the belly button comment, I still find it pretty freakin hilarious. (sorry carlos)

  8. you have a great blog here! TEe he... love their "come-on lines"... anywho... sometimes you get drawing people and you just can't stop... I feel his problem. :)

  9. love this! the belly button comment is hilarious!

  10. Anonymous11:44 AM

    LOL!! That's pretty funny about Carlos' bellly button...and you don't want to more sweet angels like J and Z...???

    Love his drawing.

  11. ohmygoodness... that may be one of the funniest posts i've ever read, miss eriCa...

  12. THAT is hilarious. Definitely a scrapbook page!

  13. Anonymous1:59 PM

    And apparently they're bald babies, with big eyes and no knee caps. :-) I love that you posted his artwork - Meisi would think it was uber-cool to have her art on the computer screen!

  14. Anonymous5:28 PM

    You know, it could have been worse- Jake could have looked in his dad's ear and said the dame thing.;)

  15. Anonymous5:49 PM

    that is just too funny! ha. kids crack me up :)

  16. I love the random things kids say, hahaha...that cracked me up!

  17. Anonymous9:59 AM

    That is the cutest drawing!! Cole has yet to draw anything that I can even remotely figure out what it is. Usually just lines and scribbles so I am dying to see him draw us a family portrait someday. His lack of interest in anything artsy kills me. Enjoy your little artist!

  18. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Listen to the boy. ;) Four kids is great.

  19. oooh, erica...you totally SHOULD...your boys are soo darn adorable...a few more couldn't hurt ;) xe

  20. Anonymous7:16 AM

    ben's lobbying for a baby sister... not gonna happen.

    and i'm SO LOL at the belly button comment!

  21. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Love Jake's drawing... c'mon, mom, four kids would be great! LOL!

  22. Anonymous12:20 PM

    come on...post a new entry. what..you off making babies, or what? I need my fix! ;)

  23. LOL on the belly button comment - too funny! Love the drawing, too - how sweet is that?!



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